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Elite Basketball Camp Returns in 2021!

We are very excited to announce the return of Elite Basketball Camp in Bergen, Norway August 10-13, 2021! Due to Covid shutdowns, Showcase Basketball and Bergen Elite were forced to suspend the camp in 2020, marking the first year the camp was not hosted in Norway since 2013. We couldn't be more excited to reinstate the annual tradition that we all look forward to every August!

In addition to the domestic coaches joining the camp from all over Norway, the head coaches will include Dave Severns (Los Angeles Clippers), Josh Malone (Utah Jazz/Salt Lake City Stars), and Jeff Christensen (Showcase Basketball). The 96 players attending the camp are broken in to training groups and put through 4 full days of professional training and full-length competitive games. Since its inception, Elite Basketball Camp has attracted top talent from all over the world!

Past head coaches at Elite Basketball Camp include:

Dave Severns - Los Angeles Clippers

Mike Weiner - Dallas Mavericks

Dan Burke - Philadelphia 76ers

Greg Minor - Former NBA Player / NBA G-League Coach

Chucky Brown - Former NBA Player / NBA G-League Coach

Kenny Anderson - Former NBA Player

Past players at Elite Basketball Camp include:

Mikal Gjerde - University of San Diego

Sigurd Lorange - Valparaiso University

Anniken Frey - Cal State Fullerton

Lars Nilsen - Elon University

Lucas Walford - Drogheda Wolves (Pro)

Bouna N'Diaye - Fyllingen BBK (Pro)

More info about the camp and how to register can be found by clicking here.


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